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=bmw= Noah G
10th May

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1st May

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16th Apr
To join us click "Join BmW" in the main menu.. Once your registered follow the link e-mailed to you the remember to complete the recruitment form. 

We are a clan of over 170 members strong, in South Africa ,we have Multiple game servers over 4 games including Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Day Z ARMA 3 and PUBG. =BmW= clan has Uk, NZ and Netherlands divisions. Our servers are among the most popular in SA. We have a well known no tolerance approach to any form of cheating, hacking or disrespect. We love The Battlefield and are committed to providing a fair clean environment for players.

New BmW dayz server opening Thursday 13 April @ 20:00. For more info check our FB page ... bmwzaclan/

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